The Food Crisis is Coming: How Startups Are Helping Us Rise to the Challenge

In the next 20 years, our world faces a food crisis. We expect 9.2 billion people to be on the planet by then – and in order to feed everyone, we’re going to need to triple our current [...]

The Race for Voice Tech is On: A Fertile Ground for Startups

This is a sample of what’s covered in the HAX Hardware Review. Learn more about what’s happening in the world of connected hardware tech – download the full report here. Voice technology is [...]

Finding Success: How to Find the Right Manufacturer for Your Design

Editor’s note: this is a contributed post written by the fabulous team at Altium. For more information on the company and their products, please visit their site at So you’ve [...]

International Women’s Day: The Stories Behind Our Female Founders

Female entrepreneurs are a tough breed. To make it in the world of hardware – and this goes for men too – it takes guts, persistence, and relentless motivation. In honor of [...]


CES was a blast. Sure, there was a little rain and a few blackouts, but hey – startup life is all about adventure. The magic, in our opinion, is what was happening inside Eureka Park, the [...]

Has China Won The Drones War?

(This post was first published on Forbes) (Photo: Alexey Yuzhakov / shutterstock) Most afternoons, from outside our windows that look out over Shenzhen’s giant electronics market in [...]