Invisible Tools for Neurology Care


David Charlot

Head of Product, CEO & Founder

Amber Ivey



Company details

Currently, neurological conditions are diagnosed using very subjective criteria, creating multiple problems, including inaccurate, unhelpful diagnoses. In addition, getting meaningful feedback requires in-person consultation with specialists, which severely limits access to care for those in more remote and underserved areas. Aurasense quantifies neurological conditions by creating point-of-care devices to capture and analyze motor function and provide data-enabled & digitized treatment feedback, across a range of neurological conditions. Their advanced tool will enable democratized and improved diagnosis and care. Their first application will be to utilize the tool in clinical trial enablement, to accelerate and improve validation of treatment candidates for neurological diseases. This will address the existing challenge that many promising drug candidates end up failing at later stages of clinical trials, in large part due to subjective and uncorrelated performance data.

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