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Daniel Weinstein

CEO & Co-Founder

Noah Hill


Saam Bozorg


Lura Health

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Americans and humans globally are facing multiple health crises, as they are plagued by chronic disease, which require consistent tracking in order to provide effective treatment. Generation of continuous data for monitoring and controlling these diseases is essential, as single-point tests do not effectively measure long-term trends, cannot provide early, proactive alerts, and do not enable measurements of efficacy of preventative measures. The world is calling for a non-invasive medical wearable to address these challenges, and salivary diagnostics have emerged as an exciting solution, and are now approaching a growth inflection point. In order to bring this promising approach to continuous, real-time monitoring to life, Lura Health has solved a monumental engineering challenge and developed the world’s first salivary diagnostic wearable. To achieve this breakthrough, the team invented 5 custom components and leveraged latest pre-market advances from top companies, and they developed microscale assembly processes to fit full IoT system on a tooth. This technology can be easily integrated into existing devices, such as retainers, implants, and dentures. Lura’s sensors are implemented in the mouth, providing real-time, continuous data that is sent to a patient’s smart phone, and shared with their doctor. Their first go-to-market opportunity is within dental applications, where the sensor will be used to monitor acid as an warning sign for tooth decay. They are also pursuing medical applications, starting with glucose monitoring for diabetes and electrolyte monitoring for chronic kidney and cardiovascular disease.

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