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Unlock carbon capture


Clément Cid

Co-Founder & CEO

Alan Gu



Company details

Many legacy industries present large challenges to decarbonize, and at the same time are needed to fulfill global energy demands in the short term. These include natural-gas and wood fired burners and gas-fired power plants. Existing carbon-capture media, such as amine-based sorbents, face challenges to effectively sequester carbon dioxide emitted from these heavy industrial uses. Mitico offers state-of-the-art services and equipment to capture carbon dioxide (CO2). Their patent-pending granulated metal carbonate sorption technology (GMC), developed at Caltech, captures over 95% of the CO2 emitted from post-combustion point sources (flue gases), including gas-fired power plants and boilers, and waste-to-energy and biomass-to-energy facilities. They enable carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) as a service at a low cost, reachig prices below $50/ton. The Mitico technology is based on using abundant, cost-effective, and low-impact GMC sorbents. The GMC solid can be rejuvenated through moderate temperature- and pressure-driven swing sorption-desorption cycles. The extracted and purified (99.9%) CO2 can be sequestered or used as a feedstock for green chemistry. The Mitico process is scalable, applicable to small (1K CO2 tonne/year) natural-gas and wood fired burners all the way to large (>100K CO2 tonne /year) gas-fired power plants and hard-to-decarbonize industries.

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