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Glennon W. Simmons

CEO and Co-Founder

Michael P. McRae

CTO and Co-Founder

Igor Muravchik

CFO and Co-Founder

Portable Diagnostic Systems

Company details

The fentanyl crisis is tearing the US apart, taking lives and destroying communities. Real-time testing that can deliver quantitative results ensures that harm and loss of life can be minimized. Portable Diagnostic Systems (PDS) is addressing this immediate need for rapid onsite diagnostic testing and toxicology in a variety of markets, including emergency medicine, roadside drug screening, cause of death investigation, and many others. The global TAM for point-of-care in vitro diagnostic testing is ~$50bn and forensic toxicology is ~$12bn. PDS has developed technology to enable rapid, small scale, multiplex analytics, delivering laboratory quality results on-site in real time. Using this technology they’ve built their first product, the Integrity-1 Analysis System, which is a portable ‘lab-in-a-box’ solution for clinicians and investigators that streamlines diagnostic and toxicology testing, saving time and money, while delivering impactful results. This system is highly portable and rugged, and can collect samples within seconds, and provide actionable test results in minutes. Their first application is creating the world’s most comprehensive on-site, real-time drug test for use in roadside drug testing. They have garnered great interest and engagement with law enforcement agents, looking to purchase next-generation tools to ensure they are equipped to address drug and alcohol abuse in the field.

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