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Filtration media represents a $100B climate problem. Current materials are filled with harmful microplastics and polluting forever chemicals, and they are low performance while at the same time high cost. These filters are used across industries: for indoor air filtration within HVAC systems, for chemical separations, CO2 capture, and within lithium-ion batteries. 

Verdex has developed a highly scalable and eco-friendly nanofiber manufacturing process to produce advanced filtration materials. They are able to use bio-based and biodegradable materials that do not shed microplastics or contain forever chemicals. Their process enables production of materials that can drop into existing filtration systems and provide solutions that are high performance and lower cost. In HVAC applications, Verdex materials are able to deliver improved air filtration, while at the same time lowering energy consumption by 50%. These materials also have longer lifetimes. Verdex’s unique process technology provides materials that can be used for energy efficient HVAC, CO2 capture, and green battery components.

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