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Cradlewise raises $7M for smart crib that mimics parent rocking
Hannah DeTavis
Cradlewise's smart cradle
Cradlewise’s smart cradle. Source: Cradlewise

Smart crib developer Cradlewise (HAX 2019) has raised a $7M seed round led by Footwork, with additional support from existing investors SOSV and Better Capital. Other investors lending support in the round include Katrina Lake, Jeremy Cai, Dilip Goswami, and Sonny Vu. 

Cradlewise has developed a smart crib that monitors a baby’s sleep patterns and automatically rocks the baby back to sleep at the first signs of wakefulness. With the new funds, Cradlewise hopes to build its internal team, advance the smart crib’s technology, and streamline supply chain operations. Eventually, the company will build out a sleep analytics platform and add a smart scale to the crib.

Speaking to TechCrunch on Cradlewise’s unique features, CEO and co-founder Radhika Patil said: “A lot of the cribs available in the market are not intuitive in the way the would rock the child. So we modeled our motion after the way I would bounce our children at 3 am on a yoga ball.”