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DHL taps Avidbots to supply floor-cleaning bots for warehouses
Hannah DeTavis
Neo robots
Neo robots will scrub the floors of thousands of DHL site in North America. Source: Avidbots

DHL has partnered with Avidbots (HAX 04) to supply its floor-cleaning Neo robots for thousands of DHL sites worldwide, including hubs, warehouses, and terminals. This partnership builds off an agreement the two companies signed in 2019 to bring Avidbots’ floor-cleaning automation tools to DHL facilities across North America.

Avidbots develops autonomous robots, including cooperative sweeping and scrubbing robots, for commercial floor cleaning, including department stores, auto dealerships, education facilities, and airports. By automating the floor-cleaning process, these bots offload labor- and time-intensive tasks from employees, freeing them for more value-adding responsibilities.

Avidbots’ Neo robots employ 3D sensors, cameras, and AI, to autonomously navigate warehouses, automatically detecting and maneuvering around obstacles including humans, boxes, forklifts, and other robots.

Speaking about the new partnership, Avidbots CEO and co-founder Faizan Sheikh said: “DHL’s strong vote of confidence in the Neo floor-scrubbing robot is a testament to the hard work the entire Avidbots team has put into building the world’s only fully autonomous floor-scrubbing robot.”