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FDA fast tracks approval for Circadia’s respiration monitor to curb COVID-19
Hannah DeTavis
Circadia's C100 respiratory monitoring platform
Circadia’s C100 respiratory monitoring platform. Source: Circadia

The Irish Times recently reported that Circadia (HAX 09) scored fast-track approval from the FDA for a remote monitoring system that can help detect COVID-19 symptoms, such as shortness of breath. The bedside device, called the C100 system, uses radar and machine learning to pick up changes in a patient’s respiratory condition and even predict possible complications.

Designed for use in healthcare settings, Circadia’s C100 will use a subscription model to allow hospitals and care homes to bypass upfront costs and offer earlier intervention and treatment for patients.

The London-based company initially developed its proprietary technology as a consumer device to track sleep patterns, but has successfully pivoted to respiratory care for COVID-19 patients. This shift occurs as the company completes a $5M funding round and looks to commercialize the C100.

“We had just filed for FDA approval when COVID-19 hit in early March,” Circadia CEO Fares Siddiqui told The Irish Times. “The administration then announced a fast-track process for coronavirus-related solutions, so we leapfrogged off that and got approved in just four months when it usually takes eight to 12 months for companies in our category to get the go-ahead.”