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Formlabs 3D printing in the fight against COVID-19
HAX Team
Formlabs' 3D-printed nasal swabs
Formlabs’ 3D-printed nasal swabs. Source: Formlabs

Formlabs, a HAX 2013 investment, has been a leading innovator in the 3D printing industry for the last decade. Today, they employ over 500 people across North America, Europe, and Asia, and their technology is used across the world to accelerate prototyping and production for companies at all stage. Their most recent fundraising round in 2018, led by New Enterprise Associates, made them the first 3D-printing unicorn in the world.

Today, Formlabs is excited to announce that they’ve received an exemption from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to print swabs designed to be used in COVID-19 test kits.

Learn more about this accomplishment in the video below.