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Dema Tio
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Dema Tio is a creative thinker and go-getter. He is a hands-on developer with solid skills in product development, business, digital marketing, growth and public relations. He led technical and marketing teams to build and sell awards-winning products.
In 2011, he created Vibease, the world’s first smart vibrator. Despite not having electronics background, he successfully manufactured Vibease, generated millions of dollars in revenue and received the best adult gadget award. He holds several U.S. patents for his inventions. Vibease hardware is accompanied with an Audiobooks Marketplace that has hundred of thousands of users.
Dema is a big believer in blockchain technology. In 2018, Vibease almost launch an ICO. In 2021, he implemented NFT on Vibease audiobooks. In his free time, he has been developing smart contracts for NFT and DeFi projects.