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Glennon W. Simmons
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I am an inventor, entrepreneur, and creative problem solver with more than 20 years of experience developing and commercializing lab-on-a-chip devices, instrumentation, and immunoassays for in vitro diagnostic applications. My contributions to science are directly relevant to the proposed work, where I have spent more than two decades developing point-of-care lab-on-a-chip devices for a variety of in vitro diagnostic applications, including drug testing, with a particular focus on salivary diagnostics. My work resulted in more than 20 scientific papers, 6 patents, and has formed the technology base of four startup companies (Lab Now, SensoDx, Oraliva, and most recently, Portable Diagnostic Systems). I founded Portable Diagnostic Systems out of a desire to improve public health and society in a meaningful way. Our novel lab-on-a-chip technology facilitates recirculation of fluid over a sensor that is key to detecting analytes in very low volumes (<20 µL) of biological fluid with high accuracy and precision. This revolutionary technology will usher in a new era of onsite diagnostic testing that will make vital healthcare information more affordable and accessible.