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Tim Seaton
API Access

Passionate and curious technologist with an near-insane belief in the the transformative power of the internet and connected devices.

For as long as I can remember I have loved machines…and taking them apart. Sometimes even rebuilding them. I’ve been lucky to work in an industry in which I’m surrounded by machines at a time when we have the power to actually make them smart, or at least aware and helpful.

My drive is to invent approachable technology that solves difficult machine-related problems in new ways. I’m a big believer in the deep capabilities that lie just under the veil of overhyped buzzwords like IoT, IIoT, and Industry 4.0, and I want to help this awesome technology bring real value to home and business owners.

The singular mission of my professional life is to build a brilliant team of “force-multipliers” unified against near-impossible technical challenges. A group like this, focused on creating tectonic impact, will always accomplish far more than any one of us can as individuals.

This philosophy drives everything we do at Breezi, where we truly want to make connected devices meaningful to home and business owners, service providers, and machine builders.