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Uche Onuora
API Access

Husband, father, and irrepressible optimist, Uche lives at the intersection of arts and technology, being a serial technology entrepreneur and aspiring poet who believes in the need for interdisciplinary efforts to synthesize the tech and art sub-cultures.

One of his favorite quotes (courtesy of Chris Uwaje) is that “knowledge is the only commodity that multiplies when shared”; and connecting these 2 powerful human centers of knowledge and expression, is an overriding passion because of the potentially beneficial impacts on society.

Uche moved from Abuja, FCT, Nigeria to Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in 2014. He is a Co-Founder of HITCH – which is building the first ML-based educational platform for customized curriculums, applicable to any global market. We provide schools with world-class educational resources, aligned to local curriculums and textbooks. We’re targeting millions of teachers and students in schools across fast-growing low-regulation markets starting in Nigeria and Africa.