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HAX moves closer to Newark HQ grand opening
Lauren McCranie

NJBIZ recently caught up with Ji Ke, SOSV partner and CTO of HAX, to talk about the progress and plans for the future NJ home of the program. Ke said he is inspired by the developments he sees in real-time at HAX, as construction continues and the new teams arrive — each bringing something unique to the table.

Startups that are accepted into SOSV’s HAX program receive $250,000 in investment capital in addition to hands-on collaboration, mentorship, access to a global founder community, and more. Founders can work from the HAX HQ in Newark, with features 35,000-square-feet of tools, workspaces and capabilities, like chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering labs; 3D printing; manual metal fabrication; CNC machining; and laser cutting.

25 HAX teams are already onsite working out of a temporary space, with more on the way.

“We are doing a good job already getting so many teams – internationally, and locally from the U.S. – getting them investments, getting them the support they need,” Ke told NJBIZ. “And we are always looking for more companies to be able to support.”

“We are just excited to have so many companies, so many entrepreneurs – from all over the world joining us in New Jersey,” said Ke. “A lot of folks here have been very supportive of our initiatives.”

Ke stressed to NJBIZ that early-stage hard tech is not easy, and that the entrepreneurs face a lot of challenges, which makes it critical for HAX to be there to support them. “What we are trying to create here is a community that supports them,” he said. “I believe if any of the founders, entrepreneurs have a problem, somebody under this roof probably already figured it out or had the experience – or knows somebody that has figured it out. And that is the kind of community we try to create.”