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Impact Biosystems’ feedback-driven muscle massagers open for pre-orders
Hannah DeTavis
Using data collected from the Pact Sense, the Pact system calculate a user's muscle stiffness core and provides treatment accordingly
Using data collected from the Pact Sense, the Pact system calculate a user’s muscle stiffness score and provides treatment accordingly. Source: Impact Biosystems

Impact Biosystems (HAX 2020), the company making the world’s first feedback-driven massage device, announced that it is open for pre-orders for its Pact Sport Kit and Pact Pro Kit. The startup plans to launch shipping in May 2022.

At the core of both product packages is a Pact Scan device, which gently taps a user’s muscles with a built-in mallet to measure muscle response and massage accordingly. Muscle responses, particularly the level of stiffness, indicate muscle readiness and recovery metrics. Collecting this data, Impact Biosystems’ devices then provide customized care with the gentleness of a massage therapist.

Speaking to TechCrunch about Impact’s unique approach to muscle massagers, CEO and co-founder Bridget Hunter-Jones said: “Existing muscle recovery solutions are almost exclusively one-size-fits-all types of products. But, everyone and their recovery is different, so we designed the Pact system with the belief that recovery should be informed and personalized, using data from the body, effectively eliminating the guesswork.”