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Inbolt to use $3.2M seed to create digital twin manufacturing equipment
Hannah DeTavis
Inbolt is tracking and optimizing physical industrial processes
Inbolt is tracking and optimizing physical industrial processes. Source: Inbolt

With the goal of dramatically reducing industrial accidents, Parisian startup Inbolt (HAX 2019) has raised a $3.2M seed funding round led by MIG Capital. Additional support for the round also came from existing investor SOSV and new investor BNP Paribas Développement. Individual investors including co-managing director of Dassault Group Laurent Dassault and serial industrial sector CEO and Deeptech Labs fellow Richard Green also participated.

Inbolt is using AI and 3D vision technologies in a tracking device that can be attached to any tool, manual or robot. This creates a digital twin of the parts, allowing developers to trace assembled parts and identify weak points that need to be addressed or maintained. This digital twin generator can be used in any type of manufacturing operation to prevent and reduce industrial accidents.

“Sometimes a quarter turn is what makes or breaks a product. Real-time feedback allows users to ensure the quality of their operations and to manufacture products exactly as intended,” said CEO Rudy Cohen to, which featured the news. “It is time for tools to get smarter and to better support the workforce.”

Inbolt intends to use the new injection of funds to expand its target markets, further develop its products, and drive a recruitment campaign.