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Labrador to deliver a helping hand to homes in 2023
HAX Team
Labrador develops different levels of assistive robots
Labrador develops different levels of assistive robots. Source: Labrador Systems

Labrador Systems, a 2020 graduate of SOSV’s HAX program, announced at CES that its “retriever” robot would move into the home. Retriever is a robot meant to enable populations who struggle to maintain independence in their own home.

Capable of carrying up to 25lbs, Labrador’s robot can deliver meals, laundry, and other payloads around the house. It includes a retractable tray that can move objects from the cart to counters or shelves. The system also features a charging port and an underneath storage space for medication and food. In the future, users will be able to access the system using Alexa as voice control.

“There’s a significant portion of our society that’s massively underserved,” said Mike Dooley, founder and CEO of Labrador. “When pain or other health issues start interfering with your ability to move yourself or other things, even short distances can have a major impact on your independence, quality of life and overall health. The Retriever is meant to help physically bridge some of that gap and empower individuals to be more active and do more on their own.”

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