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Maintenance robotic startup ViaBot emerges from stealth with $6.1M
Hannah DeTavis
ViaBot's modular RUNO robot
ViaBot’s modular RUNO robot. Source: ViaBot

Maintenance and management automation company ViaBot (HAX 11) has emerged from stealth with $6.1M in funding. At the time of launch, ViaBot also announced its strategic partnership with real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield, which now deploys ViaBot’s RUNO robots to sweep and secure its Bay Area properties. In addition to ViaBot’s partnership with SOSV, the company is backed by Grit Ventures, Baseline Ventures, and Morado Ventures.

ViaBot uses a modular robot-as-a-service model to address multiple needs in facility and particularly outdoor maintenance—an industry historically underserved by robotic makers. The company’s RUNO robot automatically cleans and dumps debris while employing autonomous battery hot swapping. The bot also offers soft security monitoring using built-in sensors, which scan areas for suspicious activity and alert security teams. For navigation, RUNO uses cameras, sonar sensors, and GPS.

“We’re excited to announce our public launch to scale our robots-as-a-service for property management,” said ViaBot CEO and co-founder Gregg Ratanaphanyarat. “We founded ViaBot with a mission to address the dirty, dull and dangerous jobs of outdoor work, and we’re thrilled that our multifunctional robots are offering better solutions to the challenges facing property managers today.”