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Makeblock snags $30M to bring robot-building kits to kids
Hannah DeTavis
Makeblock's mTiny Coding Robot
Makeblock’s mTiny Coding Robot. Source: Makeblock

Shenzhen-based education and robotics startup Makeblock (HAX 01) recently closed a $30M Series B funding round to bring more kids and teens STEM education hardware, software, and curriculum resources. The round was led by Evolution Media China and Shenzhen Capital Group, bringing the company’s total valuation to $200M.

Makeblock uses graphical programming to gamify code “writing.” Users, including children, educators, and hobbyists, can issue commands not by writing and editing code, but by placing game pieces on a screen in a certain order. The result: programmable rovers, modular toy drones, and even motorized musical instruments.

In a press release on the Series B, Makeblock CEO and founder Jasen Wang remarked: “Creation is happening everywhere at an explosive rate. From schools using Makeblock to teaching STEM concepts, to tech giants like Microsoft, Intel, Apple Education tapping Makeblock to unleash creativity in the classroom, down to parents at home trying to aid in their child’s education, the true power of Makeblock is to inspire creation. Our goal is to get Makeblock in every school, home and creative space to give anyone, at any age the ability to be a creator or inventor.”

With the new funding, the company plans to hire new employees, build out more products, scale manufacturing, and expand internationally.

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