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Mesh++ secures $4.9M to bring internet to rural and underserved communities
Hannah DeTavis
Mesh++ hopes to bring Wi-Fi anywhere—no cables required
Mesh++ hopes to bring Wi-Fi anywhere—no cables required. Source: Mesh++

With a $4.9M seed funding round led by World Within, Mesh++ (HAX 11) is one step closer to bringing internet connectivity to rural, underserved, or disaster-struck communities. The round was supported by existing investors SOSV, GAN Ventures, TechNexus, and Illinois Ventures, along with new investors Lateral Capital, Anorak Ventures, and First Leaf Capital.

Mesh++ develops a plug-in wireless router that searches and connects to other nearby Mesh routers to share available internet connectivity across the Mesh network. With each router acting as a node, a single router can extend 10 acres of Wi-Fi connectivity and support up to 100 people on the network.

The internet connection can come from multiple sources, be it Ethernet, cellular modems, or multiple points, and aggregate the bandwidth from each — creating a redundant network in which others can fill in when one source fails. This means that if a local internet connection fails because of a power outage or connectivity issues, the rest of the network can pick up the slack. If a full breakdown occurs, the Mesh network can still be used for internal communication like messaging or news alerts so long as it’s within the network.

Speaking to TechCrunch on Mesh++’s plans with the seed funds, CEO Danny Gardner said: “The fundraising marks a major shift in the company, from a pure R&D-driven company over the past few years, and towards focusing more on sales, and turning the company into a more mature organization. The fundraising unlocks us being able to partner with customers and distributors to connect as many people as possible, and to get the product out there.”