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Minut raises $14M to detect noisy Airbnb guests without invading privacy
Hannah DeTavis
Minut sensor
Minut sensor and analytics platform. Source: Minut

Noise sensor developer Minut (HAX 05) recently raised a $14M Series B round to expand its privacy-centric noise monitoring solution for rental and Airbnb owners. Led by Almaz Capital, the Series B saw participation from Zenith, Kompas, Verve Ventures, and Swiss Immo Lab. Previous investors SOSV, Karma, and KPN Ventures also joined the round.

“When people are renting out their apartments they have a monitoring need. There was no other option but to put up cameras, and that was turning into a big problem for Airbnb,” Nils Mattisson, co-founder and CEO of Minut, explained to TechCrunch. “The sensor is about the size of the palm of your hand. It’s an IoT device — it’s got a small computer in there and a bunch of different sensors. Instead of streaming the data to the cloud, we built a solution where analysis is happening on the sensor. And that enables you to use it in cases where you need to respect the privacy of people.”