how the program works

We break the 180 days into 3 phases that help us rapidly scale our collaboration. This starts with a deep dive, and quickly ramps to hands-on engagement both remotely and in our offices around the world.

phase 1
(0-120 DAYS)

rapid product

phase 2
(120-180 DAYS)

growth & fundraising

phase 3
(180+ DAYS)

onward support & community

Most HAX startups start their journey with either an application or referral from the HAX network. It's important to understand how to apply, what we are looking for and how we like to help startups before you apply.

After we take a look at an application, we often ask teams to clean up their cap tables, make more progress on their prototypes, or find an additional founding team member before we will agree to invest. The best way for you to receive feedback is through an application, so please submit one before reaching out to ask us to look at a deck or any additional documents.

A majority of teams that are accepted into the HAX program have applied more than once, so please don't feel discouraged if we decided not to invest at first sight!


community onboarding

HAX teams kickoff with an initial capital investment, introduction to the community and deep dive into the business. Over 2-4 weeks, we dig into the depths of your technology and business and lay out initial collaboration across our global locations. A key part of this is beginning to do low-fidelity prototypes and testing to better understand customers, markets and technology roadmaps. These iterative prototypes will continue throughout the program to help make decisions and move at maximum speed.

HAX teams kickoff Phase 0 with an initial capital investment, introduction the community and deep dive into the business. Over 2-4 weeks, we dig into the depths of your technology and business and lay out initial collaboration across our global locations.

We help teams understand the fundamentals of their business, and what key milestones they will need to hit to propel them into the next stage of growth.

Working with early stage customers can be daunting. We help guide founders understand how to test their early-stage hypothesis with their first customers.

Low fidelity prototyping is one of the most important components of building a hardware enabled business. We help founders fabricate and test their early-stage assumptions using prototypes, all built in our labs in Shenzhen and San Francisco.

Our diverse network of mentors and advisors have experience launching hardware enabled businesses themselves. With experience from industries like agriculture and manufacturing, to consumer tech and healthcare, our mentors have you covered.

phase 1

iterative product development

Teams transition into Phase 1 with clear milestones and projects for product and business development. Phase 1 emphasizes speed of prototyping, iteration and testing as well as building up networks for suppliers, experts and manufacturers moving towards production.

Our team of sourcing specialists help teams identify and locate components and parts. We and purchase the components and parts needed to assemble your initial prototypes, and even for large scale production runs.

We help teams understand the complexity of global manufacturing, and use our resources to help drive decisions like where to manufacture and assemble products, and how to efficiently get them into the hands of your first customers.

Iterate quickly with our electrical engineering team on architecture, component selection, layout and transition to mass manufacturing.

Our team of mechanical engineers knows how to de-risk complex mechanical challenges, and will work with you hands on to ensure your mechanical designs are safe and easy to manufacture.

Our team of industrial designers work to communicate the form and function of your hardware through design. They will work with you on making decisions regarding shape and form factor for ease of use, as well as color, material, and finish.

Our creative director and design team will help you assemble a visual identity, logo, and brand that truly represent you and your product. We also help teams with product shots and and bring together the visual assets needed to

Our teams go through multiple product versions a week, testing and
iterating on components, materials, chips, hardware, design, and form factor. We also work with teams to get their product to a stage where it can be piloted with early stage customers.

phase 2

growth & fundraising

Founders prime for scaling through expanded business development, manufacturing, and concentrated venture capital fundraising.  We closely collaborate with every team as they build out their investment strategy and support with our network of the world’s top investors aligned with physical / digital technology investment, along with our own investment through SOSV.

We leverage our network of hard-tech investors to help fund teams and propel them further faster. As an investor, we also continue to invest up to $2M USD into our startups.

Selling a hardware-enabled product or service can be a lot more challenging than selling a piece of software. We advise teams on how to build strong sales pipelines, and how to keep them full and efficient.

Startups need strong and agile teams to navigate an uncertain world and move quickly. We leverage our network to help teams find talent, and help them understand how and when to hire.

We help startups have the same reach and resources as large corporates, and have a history of partnering in verticals like manufacturing and healthcare with brands like Johnson and Johnson and Michelin.

Manufacturing and distribution can be one of the most challenging components of building a hardware enabled business. We help teams understand how to plan for their manufacturing runs and distribution, and advise teams on what to do when something goes wrong (it will)!

After the program, startups still work closely with HAX leadership, investment team and business development team throughout their startup journey. While we don't continue to provide engineering and product development support, we are part of your company for the long haul and want to see you succeed.

This includes our continued participation in your next rounds of fundraising and growth beyond the program. Startups also remain active in the community far beyond the program and give back to teams just starting their journey.

Dig more into how teams work with our team, global community and HAX after the program.