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R-Zero raises $105M series C to improve indoor air quality for millions
HAX Team

R-Zero has closed a $105 million series C round to scale up its UV-C technology to address a growing health crisis: unhealthy indoor air. Investors include BMO Group, Qualcomm Ventures, and Upfront Ventures, alongside existing investors SOSVDBL PartnersWorld Innovation Lab (WiL)Mayo ClinicBedrock Capital, and John Doerr.

R-Zero’s technology includes UV-C products (Arc, Beam, and Vive) that neutralize 99.99% of airborne and surface microorganisms and optimize disinfection for every type of indoor space. These products, together with R-Zero’s data sensors, capture and convert data into insights that optimize how spaces are used, and enable customers to model, identify, and mitigate risk. Using R-Zero’s products results in more than 90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and waste across air and surface disinfection compared to HVAC and chemical approaches. 

With this latest round of funding, R-Zero has raised more than $170 million in total. In order to meet growing demand in the public and private sectors, the Series C funds will allow the company to scale its disinfection and risk modeling technology across K-12 schools, colleges, corporate campuses, hospitals, senior care communities, parks and recreation, and other government facilities.

“We spend 90% of our time indoors, but there has been a lack of innovation around improving indoor air health,” says Jennifer Nuckles, CEO of R-Zero. “R-Zero is setting the new standard for indoor air, offering a sustainable solution that removes customers’ reliance on harsh chemicals and HVAC systems that cause harm to humans and the environment.”