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Rightbot lands Amazon investment for freight unloading robots
Lauren McCranie
Source: Rightbot

Rightbot, which develops suction-based robots that unload various shapes and sizes of freight, has raised $6.25 million in a funding round led by Amazon’s Industrial Innovation Fund, with participation from SOSV and Entrepreneur First.

The company produces automated mobile robots to unload floor-loaded containers of cartons and polybags. Using a suction based mechanism, the system has an ability to lift up to 55lbs. An active intelligence system adjusts the suction power according to box weight and dimensions. To address the challenge of variability in unloading, Rightbot has designed a patent pending mobile robot + robotic arm + conveyor system, where all elements works in tandem to deliver high throughput together with high reliability.

“Unstructured truck and container loads are varied and unpredictable in nature. They have consistently presented a hurdle in unloading automation,” Rightbot co-founder Anurag Dutta told TechCrunch in an email interview. “We realized that an existing robot arm was not going to solve this problem, so we set out to understand the customer problem and solve it with a customized robot.”

“The robotics industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented upswing. We’re seeing a significant shortage of manual labor for repetitive tasks in warehouses, which is driving demand for robotic solutions,” Dutta said, adding that Rightbot has “multiple pilots” lined up for 2024 with customers in e-commerce and retail. “Additionally, many large-scale customers are already familiar with robotic technology in their supply chains, so they’re more open to exploring and adopting innovative solutions. Post-pandemic, the supply chain for robotics components has stabilized, setting the stage for exciting developments ahead in our industry.”