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Robomart raises $2m for autonomous store-hailing bot
Lauren McCranie

Robomart has announced a $2 million seed round from W Ventures, Wasabi Ventures, SOSV/HAX and Hustle Fund, among others, bringing its total raised to $3.4M.

Alongside the raise, Robomart launched a new delivery vehicle, Haven, which joins the existing Oasis vehicle.

“Robomart Haven gives supermarkets the ability to expand their retail footprint at a fraction of the cost,” co-founder and CEO Ali Ahmed says. “Leveraging our powerful white label suite of software, they can enable store-hailing under their own retail banner by providing consumers with a full in-person shopping experience for all their daily essentials right at home.”

The Oasis is primarily targeted at restaurants, counting Ben & Jerry’s among its existing customers. The vehicle — which is more akin to a customized minivan than a Nuro-style self-driving cart — launched in beta at the end of 2020. The timing couldn’t have been better for a startup designed to bring food and supplies to people. Around 100 of the vehicles have been contracted out. Haven, which is set to start delivering in 2025, is focused on supermarkets and convenience stores.