Application Deadline: August 31st 2020

San Francisco, CA

stage II

When it comes to fundraising, business development and marketing hardware, San Francisco is the place to be

days together
full time experts
hardware startup founders
investments to date

As the next phase of our program, the San Francisco team will help you ramp up your sales, marketing, operations, distribution, and fundraising efforts.

We have a world class network of entrepreneurs, industry experts and VCs. Our extensive support team is eager to help you overcome any problem your business may encounter as you enter the growth phase.

exposure & experience

As investment will be a large area of focus during the startup’s stay in San Francisco, these events will be a great tool. We will spend a significant chunk of time fine-tuning each team’s VC pitch and pitch deck.

space for continued innovation

The office comes equipped with a workshop space where teams
can continue their product development based on customer feedback.

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