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Scam Alert: Scammers are masquerading as HAX recruiters
Lauren McCranie

It’s come to our attention that scammers are attempting to recruit and hire by posing as HAX representatives. Any legitimate correspondence from HAX would come directly from an official sosv.com email address. HAX is a part of SOSV. 

These scammers may be using job platforms LinkedIn and Indeed to find potential victims in search of roles and reach out using bogus email domains such as “hr.dept@haxcareers.com” as well as Microsoft Teams or text messages. 

Other indications of an illegitimate offer may include the incorrect name “HAX Company” on materials, the distorted use of the HAX logo, the incorrect address for our HAX HQ, or the title “Head Staff” for Duncan Turner on a fake offer letter. 

If anyone has reached out to you about a role at HAX, please contact us directly at hax-contact@sosv.com. We will let you know if it’s legitimate or not. 

We also encourage you to report scams to the FTC here.