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Sentio to use $4.5M seed for real-time mental health monitoring and care
Hannah DeTavis
Feel Emotion Sensor wristband
Feel Emotion Sensor wristband. Source: Sentio

Mental health solutions company Sentio (HAX 09) recently raised a $4.5M seed round led by Felicis Ventures with support from SOSV and Anthemis Exponential Ventures. This funding round brings Sentio’s total capital raised to $6.3M.

Sentio pairs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with its Feel Emotion Sensor, a wristband that uses biosensors to monitor physiological signals related to emotional state and track patterns over time. This data-driven approach to mental health can help bring real-time intervention and care to those who need emotional support, preventing trips to the ER. By receiving continuous data about patients’ emotional states, therapists can also be up to four times more efficient in treating the problem.

Sentio’s Feel program includes the Feel Emotion Sensor, the Feel app, a licensed Feel therapist, and an online educational program.

With the seed funding, Sentio plans to partner with health plans, life insurance providers, employers, and health systems to expand access to its Feel program.

“For decades, healthcare providers have been able to use objective data to measure and track all types of physical disorders, yet there has been no such solution for mental health to improve clinical effectiveness. Historically, mental healthcare is only provided at the therapist’s office during periodic check-ins and has relied on patient questionnaires,” said CEO and co-founder George Eleftheriou in a press statement. “We envision a world where technology understands when someone is going through a depressive phase or panic attack, and provides support in their time of need so no one has to suffer alone ever again.”