Application Deadline: July 31st 2020

Shenzhen, China

stage I

full time staff
sq/ft offices
0 +
startup community

A unique ecosystem for co-development of technology, design, engineering and manufacturing execution

Why do this in China? Shouldn’t I develop my tech first, raise money, then come to Shenzhen to scale?

We concentrate on teaching the companies we accelerate how to use Shenzhen to maximise their R&D speed. This is imperative in the rapidly evolving world of hardware. It is highly unlikely that the first product produced will be an instant success. That is why we believe it is critical for founders to come to Shenzhen as early as possible to work with manufacturers, learn from them and learn how to move with speed.

all the tools you’ll need

The office comes equipped with a workshop space where teams will do their product development. Here’s all of the machinery available:

Vacuum Forming Machine
Sandblasting Cabinet
Soldering Equipment 
Electronics Testing
Supporting Equipment
(oscilloscopes, power supplies, load testers, etc.)

Knee Mill
 Full Sized Lathe 
Climate Controlled Chamber 
5 stage Industrial Reflow Oven 
SLA 3D Printers
FDM 3D Printers

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