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Simbe Robotics brings autonomous inventory robots to grocery stores big and small
Hannah DeTavis
The Tally 3.0 autonomous inventory robot
The Tally 3.0 autonomous inventory robot. Source: Simbe Robotics

Automation is no longer just for big names in grocery and restaurant industries. In a recent CNBC article on the subject, Simbe Robotics (HAX 07) was featured for its low-cost autonomous robot that employs computer vision to track inventory in a drug store, grocery store, or hypermarket.

While Simbe primarily works with large retailers, the company also partners with smaller outfits running between 50 and 100 stores. Simbe’s Tally 3.0 autonomous mobile robot can scan inventory in a grocery store three to four times a day and place orders directly when an item runs low. The device transmits this data to an analytics platform for store managers to analyze retail trends. Tally 3.0 can save retailer between 30 and 100 hours a week on traditional inventory checks.

“It’s not humanly possible to scan at that frequency or fidelity with human labor in these environments,” said Simbe Robotics CEO and co-founder Brad Bogolea.

Tally solves this problem for retailers big and small by detecting 10x more out-of-stock items than manual inventory checks, reducing the chance of those out-of-stock items by 20%. Simbe claims the robot is fully operational within a day and doesn’t require additional team training.