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Naomi Stevens

Program co-ordinator, HAX

Naomi is a social entrepreneur, community leader, and creative who joins SOSV as the Program Coordinator for our HAX Program in Newark, NJ. She is a skilled project management and business development professional with a solid foundation in social and behavioral sciences. She has a passion for implementing, supporting, and administering business operations, and client support. Prior to joining SOSV, Naomi has led several community initiatives that focus on artistic expression, social justice, and civic engagement while revitalizing vacant lots and activating underutilized spaces in the city of Newark. Naomi earned her Bachelors’ degree at Seton Hall University, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Political Science. Her education, combined with her experience in community service and social entrepreneurship, has given her a unique perspective on the intersection of environmental justice, social equity, and innovation.

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