One in two people over age 65 have an undiagnosed heart valve disease. This leads to hundreds of thousands of individuals per year being diagnosed in critical condition during a hospital admission or, worse, at autopsy due to poor diagnostic accuracy in primary care, as well as billions of dollars being spent yearly to treat heart failure that was not detected via early diagnosis, thus missing the key window of opportunity for preventative care. LightHearted has developed an advanced, laser-based digital stethoscope, which is a non-invasive solution to accurately diagnose valve diseases within the primary care setting in just 10 seconds. The device automatically acquires data from the patient from a distance, non-invasively, and without the need for patient or clinician input. LightHearted’s AI platform reads the data to produce a diagnostic report in 1 minute and relay it to the relevant clinicians. This solution can detect novel biomarkers to enable early diagnosis, and the opportunity for management with pharmaceutical intervention, and therefore can save billions of dollars annually on heart failure treatment. LightHearted’s solution opens the door for dramatically improved triaging, lowering wait time, and reducing the need for echocardiogram & other, more costly diagnostics. The technology was developed during the co-founder & CEO’s PhD degree in AI and Biomedical Devices. LightHearted is initially piloting with the National Health Service in the UK, and collaborating with clinicians to validate their device in real patients.