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ZIO health’s proprietary pocket-sized technology brings lab testing to the point of care to improve patient outcomes. Using ZiO’s technology, we developed a therapeutic Drug Monitoring device – A powerful tool for dose individualisation to enhance drug efficacy.

Our therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) device quantitatively tests medication levels at the point-of-care. Using machine learning algorithms, we combine the real-time test results with the patients’ unique profile to accurately provide dosing information.

We are testing various medications with a narrow therapeutic range in which medications need to be tested daily due to the high risk of overdosing that leads to toxicity.

ZiO Health’s Vancomycin TDM POC Device:

Some medications like Vancomycin have a small difference between the minimum effective concentration and the minimum toxic concentration in the blood. 60% of the vancomycin doses are not in therapeutic range and ~20% of the doses are administered in the toxic range, leading to adverse drug effects i.e. nephrotoxitiy.

Current testing methods test for ‘total vancomycin’ levels, rather than the active form, free vancomycin, which leads to further inaccurate dosing. The dosing process today involves numerous inputs from various experts & uses expensive testing equipment – the vancomycin test alone costs over $100 per test. This cost increases due to the longer hospital stays due to inaccurate dosing leading to ineffective treatment. Current dosing models generalize everyone’s health profile based on the population rather than considering the patient’s unique profile.

ZiO Health’s therapeutic Drug Monitoring device tests free vancomycin levels at the point-of-care, significantly reducing the cost in the testing & dosing process, freeing up hospital resources & staff time, and finally, leading to a better outcome for patients’ due to the reduced adverse side effects & reduced length of hospital stay.