The maritime shipping industry, responsible for approximately 3% of global emissions, mirrors the aviation industry’s environmental impact. Despite this, the sector has seen relatively little investment in ultra-low-carbon fuels, especially when viewed against the investment activity in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Carbon Bridge is stepping into this gap by producing methanol, a key chemical and an emerging maritime fuel, derived from waste methane emissions.

Utilizing an innovative gas fermentation process, Carbon Bridge leverages a novel microbe and proprietary reactor system. This design overcomes the production rate limitations that have historically hindered gas fermentation technologies. The result is a production system that is not only highly efficient but also modular and compact, allowing for mass manufacture. These systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing methane-emitting facilities, such as wastewater treatment plants, offering a scalable solution to produce methanol. This approach not only contributes to reducing the maritime shipping industry’s carbon footprint but also valorizes waste emissions, representing a significant stride toward cleaner maritime operations.