Cortisol is the gold standard in detecting human health & well-being. Cortisol is a steroid hormone made by the kidneys that is commonly referred to as “the stress hormone.” Measurement of cortisol levels to determine stress is currently done via methods that are painful (blood samples), slow (requiring samples to be sent to the lab for analysis), and costly. DIA is creating a new standard in biomarker monitoring.
DIA is on a mission to improve human health by measuring chemical threats daily, in real-time, and at the point-of-need. They use groundbreaking electrochemical sensing technology integrated into wearable devices. These devices enable them to measure cortisol in real time, continuously, non-invasively, and affordably. The market for solving stress is a $300B opportunity. DIA is already working directly with the US Army via a $1.9M SBIR grant to develop and pilot their devices, and is pursuing early adoption with pro and elite athletes, as well as developing applications in healthcare to improve real-time monitoring of human health.