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Despite the influx of funds into the space, current battery manufacturers face limitations that prevent true innovation. This limits innovation into new battery materials, keeping us dependent on the same set of raw materials, and it also limits innovation on design and thus improvements to battery weight, shape, and performance. Material is looking to move beyond these limitations, and have developed technology to enable the custom 3D printing of high-performance batteries at scale. This allows them to print batteries of any shape, any size, and with more integrations. Material’s technology has many advantages, such as provding ability to make fully customizable batteries, tailored to any specification; creating highly powerful batteries, with up to 300% more capacity; creating batteries that use 15% less space and can fit any application shape and have improved safety, with 20% cooler operating temperatures; and have 75% fewer fabrication steps. They are able to achieve this at less than half the cost of other battery manufacturers, at an estimated $65/kWh. Material’s 3D printing approach to battery design and manufacture is superior in every way to roll-to-roll technology, providing simplified manufacturing, batteries with high volumetric energy density, and limitless 3D geometries. They have already successfully printed first generation custom 3D batteries, and are currently building their full-scale hybrid printer, and are well on their way to establishing the new standard for battery technology.