There are nearly 1 million end-stage kidney patients in the US. And while going to the hospital or center for dialysis is an inconvenience and major disruption to their daily lives, only 1 in 50 patients currently opt for in-home dialysis. This is because current options for in-home dialysis are unpleasant and impractical to use. They are large and obtrusive, they force patients to be stuck in their homes for extended periods, and they are very complex to operate. Oli is building a better future for these patients, by creating compact, portable, and intuitively operated dialysis systems, so that these patients can get their lives back again. Oli’s core technology has been developed around a novel sorbent that enables this huge step forward in miniaturization and simplified operation. They will begin initial deployment of their MVP in clinic, in order to accelerate regulatory approval for patient use in-home or on-the-go.