Fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet, trumped only by the oil and gas industry. Despite technological advances elsewhere, garment production remains basically the same as 50 years ago with 100% of garments still made by hand. Because of this and the extreme price sensitivity, fashion manufacturers are forced to carry out production in geographies where labor is incredibly cheap. This leads to exploitation and poor working conditions for workers, as well as a very long, complex, costly, and energy intensive supply chain. The sad result: 93% of workers don’t earn a living wage and 30% of all clothes are never sold at all! silana is solving these challenges, and they have developed the very first robot that fully automates the outdated, manual, and cost-intensive sewing process. This technological innovation enables cost-effective, fast, and sustainable production without any overproduction, thus allowing brands and manufacturers to realize localized production at competitive cost. silana’s technology means that clothing can be produced in the United States at lower cost than China. Their standout capabilities have gained recognition from the market, and are already driving excitement and significant traction within the apparel industry and beyond, from highly esteemed brands and manufacturers.