Tandem is the premier EV and hybrid technology company for the heavy-duty vehicle industry. We are on a mission to connect the trucking industry to the future of electrification NOW by deploying modular, sustainable, and efficient Electric & Mixed Fuel Vehicles at a fraction of the cost of overhauling the entire fleet.

The Centaur is our flagship product that instantly electrifies and hybridizes your fleet. Real-time emissions tracking analytics are powered by our proprietary software called ScopeTree.

The Centaur currently electrifies 3 applications:
Centaur Diesel propels single-axle diesel tractors.
Centaur PowerPack is a swappable EV to extend the range of EV tractors.
Centaur PowerPack provides auxiliary power to Reefer tractors – more cost and operationally efficient than electrifying every trailer.

The Centaur’s ROI is in its immediate emission reduction and cost savings:
Eliminates 440 Metric Tons of CO2 per year based on 100,000 miles driven annually
Eliminates 127 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2e) per tractor per year
At least $45,000 in fuel and electricity savings annually (based on $5/gal and $0.09 per kWh)