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Methane, with a warming potential 85 times greater than CO2, presents a critical challenge in global warming mitigation efforts. Currently, many facilities handling methane lack comprehensive monitoring systems for detecting unintended emissions within their operations. This oversight is becoming increasingly untenable due to evolving regulations, enhanced third-party and public scrutiny, and escalating reporting demands across methane-intensive sectors. Present solutions are either constrained to intermittent data collection methods, such as drone-mounted sensors or satellite imagery, or are burdened by high costs and operational limitations, as seen with contact-based air sampling sensors which suffer from limited scope and reliability issues. Addressing this critical need, TrelliSense introduces the industry’s first solution for continuous, ground-based, and long-range methane monitoring. These sensors enable near-real-time detection, precise localization, and accurate quantification of methane leaks across various industries including oil & gas, utilities, landfills, and agriculture. Importantly, TrelliSense achieves this at a significantly reduced cost compared to existing, more limited technologies, marking a major advancement in efforts to curtail methane emissions effectively.