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Originating from Princeton University, PureLi has developed a pioneering approach to lithium extraction, addressing the critical demand surge anticipated as the world shifts towards electrification and electric vehicles. With lithium demand projected to double between 2025 and 2030, PureLi’s technologies emerge as essential solutions. Their initial product line enhances productivity in existing lithium evaporation ponds by 50% without necessitating new capital expenditures, aiming for full commercial deployment by the end of 2024. Additionally, PureLi has developed a method to extract lithium from sources previously considered uneconomical, such as wastewater from fracking operations. This innovative technique allows for the efficient recovery of lithium salts, including those within the US, transforming low-value waste streams into valuable resources. PureLi’s efforts in optimizing lithium extraction processes underscore its role in advancing the sustainable production of a key resource for the future of energy and transportation.