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Unspun nabs $14M Series A; unveils 3D weaving technology Vega to reduce waste in fashion
Lauren McCranie

Unspun (HAX 11), the maker of custom-fit jeans based on proprietary 3D body scan technology, nabbed $14 million in Series A funding to expand into hardware with Vega: its new 3D weaving technology.

Unspun will deploy its Vega tech to suppliers and “micro-factories” around the world to boost just-in-time manufacturing, in efforts to reduce waste and unsold inventory. The model also saves on transportation emissions by enabling a more agile and localized approach.

“Vega allows brands to reduce lead times to as little as one week: a 30-fold increase in speed, a new ability to follow (vs predict) cultural trends, and a total elimination of wasted inventory,” Unspun co-founder Beth Esponnette told Vogue Business.. “They aren’t placing orders as far ahead and can more accurately react to customer purchasing behaviors and adjust buys accordingly.”

Founded in 2015, Unspun started with its revolutionary custom-fit jeans on demand. The founders shared that they’d been working towards the weaving technology from the start, as well. Unspun also eventually hopes to implement a circular economy for its garments, taking them “back for unspinning and then re-weaving the resulting yarn into new garments.”

The Series A funding was led by Lowercarbon with participation from SOSV, Climate Capital, Signia Ventures and MVP Ventures.

“We want to make an impact. To do that, we need to get our technology product to the brands making the most product and therefore have the most waste,” she noted.