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WIRED tours HAX Shenzhen in documentary on the “Silicon Valley of hardware”
HAX Team
HAX's Trainerbot
HAX’s Trainerbot (highlighted in the documentary) has created a robot to help train ping pong players. Source: WIRED

HAX alumni often say “One week in Shenzhen equals one month of work anywhere else on the planet!” WIRED recently documented the emerging global powerhouse of Shenzhen and a few familiar faces building hardware in the city.

The documentary toured HAX’s Hardware Accelerator, the first of its kind in the world, where startups receive $100,000 to bring proven prototypes to market.

One company spotlighted in the film was Nura (HAX 08), which is developing the first tunable headphones personalized to each user’s hearing profiles. The film also visited Rovenso, the company making roving robots designed to break down decommissioned nuclear power stations. One unique hallmark of HAX’s Shenzhen site is that startups have access to components in a matter of hours, slashing the time it takes to bring a concept into reality—and then to market.

Check out the full documentary below to learn more.