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With $1.6M seed, WakeCap will build IoT ecosystem for safer construction sites
Hannah DeTavis

WakeCap IoT-integrated helmet
WakeCap develops IoT sensors to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity on construction sites. Source: WakeCap

Construction tech startup Wakecap (HAX 11) has closed a $1.6M seed round supported by Consolidated Contractor Company, Abunayyan Holding, SOSV, Graphene Ventures, Inspire Ventures, startAD Seed, and SeeCo Capital.

The Dubai-based company is developing an IoT ecosystem for construction sites to improve safety and productivity. Construction helmets integrated with IoT devices allow project managers to monitor their workers’ location, attendance, and accidents in real-time. The device includes a two-way alert system between employees and their supervisors in the case of field reporting and emergency site evacuations.

WakeCap can also place sensor nodes all over construction sites to build a wireless mesh network, allowing managers to track tools and equipment in addition to workers.

In an interview with MENAbytes, CEO and co-founder Hassan Albalawi said: “Our solution leverages sensors, asset tracking, analytics and wearable technology to more effectively execute the work activities of an industrial or field worker and therefore can be adapted to other sectors like the mining or the petroleum industries to help reduce non-productive work, create a safe work environment, automate workflows and improve efficiencies ultimately improving the bottom-line.”