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With $2.7M seed, Q5D out to automate the last tedium of advanced manufacturing
Hannah DeTavis
CU500. Source: Q5D Technologies

U.K. robotics startup Q5D Technologies Limited (HAX 2021) is on a mission to automate the placement of electrical conductors, fueled by its recent $2.7M seed round led by Chrysalix Venture Capita. The round also garnered support from SOSV’s HAX, from which Q5D graduated in 2021, and Rainbow Seed Fund.

In current manufacturing processes, workers must wire many products by hand, threading wires through holes in a pin board. Q5D hopes to change this slow and tedious process by using robots to manufacture and assemble a wiring loom. This automation eliminates human error, protects workers, improves speed and accuracy, increases connectivity, slashes material costs and weight, and reduces incidences of product recall. Q5D accomplishes this automation using a robotic tool called CU500 that combines printed electronics, embedded wiring, and five-axis 3D printing, resulting in a fused filament fabrication (FFF) system.

Speaking to 3DPrint.com, CEO and co-founder Stephen Bennington explained: “A technology like this makes you leaner and more responsive; no longer do you need to keep a warehouse of spares, all you need is a CAD file and one of Q5D machines and you can make everything you need to order.”

While the CU500 is useful in almost any sector requiring advanced manufacturing, Q5D is attracting attention especially from large and small aerospace and automotive companies.