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New power generation technology, clean and sustainable, fueled by metal and air


Ryan Goethals


Metal Light

Company details

Despite their widespread use, diesel generators are noisy, emit unpleasant odors, and contribute significantly to environmental pollution. In fact, they release more than double the CO2 per kilowatt delivered compared to the average US grid emissions—a discrepancy poised to widen as the grid becomes increasingly cleaner. In response to these challenges, Metal Light has introduced a groundbreaking, eco-friendly alternative to conventional diesel generators. Their innovative technology harnesses the power of energy-dense metal as fuel. The electricity generation process is not only less expensive than diesel but is also quiet, odor-free, with the only emission being low amounts of hydrogen—a valuable byproduct in itself. Remarkably, Metal Light achieves this with a cost of power delivery that undercuts traditional diesel generators. This development represents a significant step forward in providing cleaner, more sustainable, and cost-effective power generation solutions.

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