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The US is facing a massive labor shortage, which has dramatic implications to new home construction, repairs to existing units in case of damage due to ever-increasing storms as a result of climate change, and also severely delays further deployment of rooftop solar. Climate is causing increasing damage, with over 20 annual climate-related events causing >$1B worth of damage, up from less than 5 such events per year, just 25 years ago. Roofing work in particular is an undesirable and dangerous task, leaving major gaps in workforce and creating further backlogs in roofing construction. Renovate is automating roofing and solar installation. They have built Rufus, an automated robotic roofing system which is able to install shingles and solar shingles on residential homes. Rufus installs shingles and delivers consistent quality, thus increasing the productivity, safety, quality, and speed of roof installation. The Rufus system adapts easily to different roof geometries, and is designed to run autonomously, requiring only a single human operator to monitor it and refill materials. They have built a full system prototype, carried out internal testing and have piloted with initial customers, and are planning for contractors to begin leasing robots in the summer of 2025.

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