Application Deadline: August 31st 2020

Robotics for industrial applications and solutions for advanced manufacturing

We are passionate about the impact that robotics and micro manufacturing solutions will have on our lives in the future.

The HAX INDUSTRIAL track brings anything from the next generation of consumer robotics to infrastructural and advanced robots for industry to market. It also seeks to explore the possibilities of new materials for mass manufacturing and enable bespoke and distributed manufacturing solutions.


Laboratory automation today is where computers were in the 1960s — big “mainframe” machines that require experts to run. OpenTrons is making the “personal computer” of lab robotics.

The OT.One is the first affordable, open-source, easy-to-use liquid handling robot to hit the market. It is run from Mix.Bio, an online biotech development platform that lets you design, share, and run automated protocols. We are bringing digital fabrication to the wetlab to empower scientists and accelerate research.


WAZER is the world’s first affordable digital cutting device that cuts any material with water. Waterjet cutters are extremely large and cost upwards of $100,000. The WAZER is available for less than a tenth of that price and is designed to fit on your desk. It brings the precision of waterjet cutting to engineers, makers, designers and hobbyists.

Digi Bio

Digi.Bio is bridging the digital and biological world, accelerating biotechnological discovery with microfluidics and AI.

Our first-generation product is a desktop system that can control and perform biological experimentation. Thanks to our consumable microfluidic chip, we can scale down reagent costs, automate experiments execution, data acquisition and amplify scientific discovery with artificial intelligence.


Avidbots is a startup dedicated to disrupting the commercial floor cleaning market with autonomous robotics.

Avidbot’s sweeping and scrubbing robots cooperate to clean department stores, auto dealerships, education facilities, airports, etc. These robots automate the most labor and time intensive part of commercial cleaning. Cleaning companies, building services companies, and facility operators can save between 50% to 70% for the most common use cases.


Voltera’s circuit board printer enables electronics to be prototyped within minutes, eliminating the frustrations with traditional fabrication processes and drastically reducing hardware development time.


Nuada is a soft exoskeleton wearable system that helps users to hold heavy objects with their hands completely relaxed. It provides supporting forces to the hand in a seamless manner and generates useful metrics related to hand activity.

IQ Motion Control

IQ Motion Control brings advanced motor control technology to a wide range of robotics fields without adding significant cost to production. The IQ Motor Module is a fully integrated motor and controller package, and it offers increased power and efficiency, as well as superior speed and position control compared to what is currently on the market today.

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